Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Onyxia 21 manned!

Only one day after Ossirian, we killed Onyxia as well. 21 Aphozoids were there for the kill. Very well done guys!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ossirian is not Unscarred anymore!

And there it goes. The last boss of the instances we aim for is down. Yes you are reading it right, Ossirian is not Unscarred anymore ;-). Congratulations to all that helped make this important step forward! It was one of our best tries on a boss ever! Coordination was almost perfect.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Ayamiss down!

Ayamiss is down! After a couple of unsuccessful tries we managed to kill the flying bug. It was a nice battle overall, different than others to say the least. First time we had a Warlock as MT. Totally interesting, totally fun. Congratulations again to the people that were there for this further advance! Enjoy the picture :-)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Zul'Gurub cleared in one run

Mark this day on your calendars! We have successfully cleared Zul'Gurub (all bosses in addition to Jin'do and Mandokir) in a single run. Congratulations to all that participated. Shall we try the Edge of Madness now? =)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

2 in 1: Buru and Moam down!

After the unfortunate tries on Buru last week, we came back and slew not only Buru but Moam as well! Happy Aphozoids with little pink heart tabards are doing better than ever. Let's keep it up and bring some more bosses down before the holidays :-) Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hakkar down - Zul'Gurub cleared!

We are on a roll! Hakkar is finally down, after an almost perfect execution. Dance aphozoids, dance in and out of the poison. Congratulations to Cerwin for Bloodsoaked Leggplates, Maktaz for Cloak of Consumption and to all that participated in this battle helping this guild make another small step forward. Now the real question is, how long before we down Ossirian?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rajaxx down!

It looks like we have grown to critical mass. We usually have a full raid every time now for the last week. As a result we managed to finally down Rajaxx (and he was even buggy and we had to manually pull groups)! This time we did an almost perfect execution with only 2 men dead in the whole event. And to top that we also made some really good tries on Buru. Some were unlucky (1%, 2%), so expect a picture of the big bug dead next week :-)

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Thekal, Arlokk, and Jin'do down!

With a full raid, we finally managed to down Thekal, Arlokk and Jin'do! Not to mention we got Primal Hakkari Kossacks for pretty much everyone in the guild in a single run, and on top of that Arlokk honored us with Will of Arlokk for our beloved druid. We had some really good progress lately, considering this was only our 5th run to Zul'Gurub! Congratulations to all the participated and help move Aphorism one big step forward to clearing this instance!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mandokir down!

16 brave ones downed Mandokir for the first time! We were low on healers, and low on people, but we did it! Congratulations to all that helped with this awesome kill!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lord Valthalak down!

In a very smooth trial run in UBRS we took down Lord Valthalak. Grompen and Ttjam completed their Tier 0.5 quests. Congratulations!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Logging raids

In order to log raids and send me your combat logs for generating raid reports you have to:

  • Download and install clsaver. This addon automatically enables writing the combat log to a file when you are in zones you specify. /clsaver toggle toggles logging for the current zone and /clsaver list lists the current list of logged zones.
  • At the end of the raid, you need to roll and email your combat log to the Guild Master. Luckily there is a nifty little program that does this for you: WWS Log Roller. The roller should be configured as follows:

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Join Us


PvE Guild on EU server: Sunstrider

Founded: Oct 2006

Raid setup:

          We raid as a 20 man guild. We expect our raiders to play a class and not a spec.

Raiding hours:

          Wednesdays & Sundays 1930-2300 CET (1830-2200 GMT)

Loot system: Common sense
We use EPGP as our loot system. We take a great pride of the fact that we developed EPGP, which has reached over 3 million downloads.
          Priority in looting:

          Need Mythic/Heroic weapons and trinkets (members) > need > side spec > priority off spec > off spec

          Trials have same base priority on loot than members. The only exception is that on heroic trinkets and weapons members have a priority over trials.

Quality over quantity
is the underlying premise of this guild. The vast majority of members are in the 20-40 year range with jobs, families, demanding educations etc. We 'only' raid 2 times a week, but we make sure those times are spent well, because each and every raider comes prepared for the bosses in question and helps out in minimizing any waste of time.

This way of raiding has met with considerable success and while the schedule requires a measure of discipline on the part of the raiders, we also keep a friendly and informal atmosphere between us, leaders and grunts alike, in G-chat, guild-mail and on mumble, where the day-to-day interaction between guildies takes place with its mix of joking, serious discussions and all that stuff in between.

Aphorism is an entity comprised of different people with different playstyles, each contributing to the whole in our own way, but with some things in common – as raiders, we understand that the goal is to enhance the performance of the raid. We strive towards being the best players, but never at the cost of overall raid efficiency.

And we never lose sight of that ultimate boss of the game.
We want you
to join our guild because you can fill a spot in our raid composition in a manner that will contribute to the progression through the PvE content of WoW.

That means you have something to offer in return for what this guild will offer you. You are 'a good player' - whatever that means - and the purpose of your application is to show in what way. Obviously, you should also be able to function in the teamwork that raiding is. That means you can communicate in writing as well as on mumble. You can interact with other classes, and the people playing them. You know what's going on, when a raid goes to work on a fight.

With your main character you are able, as well as willing, to play different specs of your class.  Like most players, you may have a favourite spec, and that will be accommodated. However, some situations or certain bosses may dictate alternative raid compositions, calling for a few respecs before we can get going. You don't have to own sidespec gear to apply, but as a member of Aphorism, you are expected to gear up for at least one secondary role, whenever it is possible. This kind of flexibility is a prerequisite for our ability to overcome many of the challenges we face.

…and you always come prepared, because you understand that not doing so means wasted time, less raid performance and fewer tries on the bosses. The game itself may be a virtual phenomenon, but the time we spend on it is very real.

The application
is important. Put some effort into it, if you wish to be taken seriously. It is the applications that determines who joins, not any personal contacts on the inside, although every member get a say in the matter if they wish. Nor will stats alone cut it – the good application gives an impression about the kind of player in question.

Also address the most if not all of the following:
  • A link to your armory profile and any information you want to share that is not obvious from it (current spec is not your raiding spec, gear is not the stuff you would equip in raids, armory is not up-to-date - name, server, race etc.)
  • A screenshot of your raiding UI - highly recommended
  • A link to a recent combat report
  • Give an overview of your past endgame raiding experience
  • List any serious alts you have, and the experience you have with them
  • Explain why you want to leave your current guild and join this one
Send an email to or post directly to our Application Google Group.  Alternatively speak to Teh on BNet: Rehab#2295 or email him direct at:

Keep in mind

that the effort you put into the application will be regarded as a reflection of the effort you put into raiding.

That these guidelines are only general pointers. Write it your own way. If you feel something is relevant, even though it is not mentioned on this page, write it! Everything in your application will matter and be studied with genuine interest.

That Aphorism is not a gearing up guild and due to our raiding schedule, it is close to impossible for us to gear up people, if their gearlevel is too low to function in the current instances.

That being accepted means you enter a trial period of a few weeks, in which you will be evaluated for membership.

That as a member, your performance will still be evaluated, and you should be able to receive, as well as give, constructive criticism in the spirit of all members becoming even better players.

That the position as a top-guild on the server means a top flaming-spot also, but you will be above that and uphold dignity without wasting time on petty squabble.

You represent Aphorism.

That even though it is our business to kill PvE bosses, we still remember that allies are lowly scum, which ought to be exterminated on sight!
Now get to work on that application, we are looking forward to read it.


General Concept

Like any other guild, Aphorism is about fun. Alas, fun is not an objective term. For us fun is to kill big, fat monsters and be the best we can be, with a twist: we want to achieve all of this, without having to raid everyday and have to spend endless time on the game. As such we put quality ahead of quantity in raiding. This has the side effect of a bit more preparation before raids as you might have expected since limited time in raids means you need to learn new content faster in order to keep up.

We raid two times a week . We are using common sense as our loot system to distribute loot to our raiders. We take a great pride of EPGP which is developed by us and it has over 3 million downloads. Our guild has been raiding for over 10 years and some of the first members are still active. We take this as a testimony of a successful raiding concept!

Talent builds

In Aphorism you do not play a specific talent build. You play a class. You can be asked at any time to respec to something else, being permanent or for a specific encounter. As such you are expected to gear up all the different builds you can gear up for and are useful for PvE.


Guild Master

Current Guild Master: Khuteh/Ehteh/Tehr/Juhnorx
He has the responsibility to maintain the continuity of the constitution and assure the functionality of the guild. ONLY upon approval of the guild master, the constitution may change. It is his responsibility to create and maintain a loot system within the guild.

Current Commander: Mantje, Helmar
The Commander is the second in command and oversees the daily management of the guild. In the absence of the Guild Master, the Commander is acting as GM.

Current officers:
  • Khuteh -GM
  • Subzero - Ranged and Loot God
  • Irevi - Healing
  • Yardeny - Melee
  • Emrus - Tanking
All officers can RL, as will Veteran members as required
An Officer is responsible managing the guild. This includes:
  • Interviewing and evaluating recruits
  • Mentoring and training new and existing members if required
  • Checking if members are ready for a raid (tactics, items, addons etc)
  • Studying raid logs to give feedback on trials and members, enhancing their performance


Current Treasurer: Sofuzz
The Treasurer has the sole responsibility for keeping the gbank tidy, making sure we have a steady influx of fish & herbs for raid buffs.


Members are the main raiding core of the guild. These members have priority over some loot and raid invites over lower ranks when we are doing progression raids. To become a member, you need to show exceptional performance and unparalleled attendance. Luckily for you we only raid twice a week so the latter part shouldn't be hard.


Alt toons of the ranks above. Alts should have gear comparable to the lower end of the rest of the guild. We don't bring alts to raids, unless asked specifically for a role.


Rank achieved upon entering the guild. Trials join raids for evaluation purposes and may be asked to improve some things about their game before promoted to Members. If they seem to be unresponsive to feedback they will be asked to leave the guild.

**This includes use of our communication channels Discord and Aphomail.**


Socials are friends and family of guild members with the rank of Member and above. Socials have no raiding expectations but are expected to wear their <Aphorism> tag as respectfully as any other member. That means they behave as other members of the guild, and have at least some reasonable skill in the game. Socials are allowed 1 alt in the guild.

There may be circumstances when socials may be allowed to raid and GM and Officers discretion and does not impact raid performance or synergy.


The main pathway of communication without the guild is our Aphomail, which is a gmail group system. In order to pass trial, everyone has to learn to use it. For voice communication we use Mumble.
At any time, suggestions are always welcome, and one should contact his superior to report them or any problems that may arise. This will make communication within the guild much easier to handle.

Loot System

The EPGP system

EPGP in one sentence computes your priority of loot (PR) as the quotient of your effort (EP) to the gear received (GP). Put in a mathematical equation PR = EP/GP. For the details on how GP is computed and further details on EPGP (decay per raid, min EP) please read the EPGP documentation found on the EPGP website.

Decay is set at 7% and Base GP to 300.

EP awards

During any raids that happen during scheduled times there will be a recurring award of 1000 EP per 15 minutes per member.



Bonus EPs for exceptional performance will be awarded by raid leaders. These bonuses will not exceed 10k EPs.


If you are called for a replacement while on standby and you are found unavailable, 25k EPs will be deducted from you.

If you fail repeatedly on an encounter, you will be replaced from the raid if the standby bench permits it. In either case you will get a "yellow card" which means you are unable to get any loot for the rest of that raid id (until next reset).


If you are on standby you receive the same EP as the rest of the raid, excluding the bonuses. You can receive standby EPs by being in the raid or by whispering your name to the raid leader on every reward.

Farming items for the guild

Farming items for the guild or otherwise helping the guild outside raiding time. It will be awarded depending on the size of the job. This will be awarded as decided by the Guild Master.

GP for Items

Items are split in two categories:
  • 100% GP Items: items that benefit your pre-agreed and assigned Mainspec
  • 10% GP Items:
    • Sidegrade: same ilvl items that benefit your pre-agreed and assigned Mainspec
    • Offspec: items that do not benefit your Mainspec
    • Alt gear: items that benefit any of the specs of your Alt if that Alt if called upon to be in a raid
Given the different categories and subcategories above, priority will be considered in each of these in this order:
  1. Mainspec
  2. Sidegear
  3. Priority Offspec (these are pre-agreed priority offspecs that trump all other offspecs)
  4. Trial (trials are charged GP as if they are normal members)
  5. Offspec
  6. Alt/Social (socials are charged GP as if they are normal members but their priority band is same as Alts)
There are some interesting results from the above rules. For example, If you have higher PR than some other member but you need for Sidegear, the other member will receive the item. Similarly for all other combinations. You reserve the right to call a piece of Sidegear a Mainspec and be charged the full 100% GP price for it, irrespectively of your currently equipped item.

Mounts, bags, satchels and non-performance enhancing items

Items that are not enhancing your toon for raid performance are going to be rolled to the 10 most active members of the raid. This means if a /roll 10 results to N, the Nth member sorted by EP wins the item.

10-mans or raids that are not the current tier

Loot is Free For All. BoE items go in guild bank for sale. That said if you are a member and there is contention on an item, it is suggested to ask socials/alts to pass on it and leave it to their judgment to do so.