Sunday, October 1, 2006


General Concept

Like any other guild, Aphorism is about fun. Alas, fun is not an objective term. For us fun is to kill big, fat monsters and be the best we can be, with a twist: we want to achieve all of this, without having to raid everyday and have to spend endless time on the game. As such we put quality ahead of quantity in raiding. This has the side effect of a bit more preparation before raids as you might have expected since limited time in raids means you need to learn new content faster in order to keep up.

We raid two times a week . We are using common sense as our loot system to distribute loot to our raiders. We take a great pride of EPGP which is developed by us and it has over 3 million downloads. Our guild has been raiding for over 10 years and some of the first members are still active. We take this as a testimony of a successful raiding concept!

Talent builds

In Aphorism you do not play a specific talent build. You play a class. You can be asked at any time to respec to something else, being permanent or for a specific encounter. As such you are expected to gear up all the different builds you can gear up for and are useful for PvE.


Guild Master

Current Guild Master: Khuteh/Ehteh/Tehr/Juhnorx
He has the responsibility to maintain the continuity of the constitution and assure the functionality of the guild. ONLY upon approval of the guild master, the constitution may change. It is his responsibility to create and maintain a loot system within the guild.

Current Commander: Mantje, Helmar
The Commander is the second in command and oversees the daily management of the guild. In the absence of the Guild Master, the Commander is acting as GM.

Current officers:
  • Khuteh -GM
  • Subzero - Ranged and Loot God
  • Irevi - Healing
  • Yardeny - Melee
  • Emrus - Tanking
All officers can RL, as will Veteran members as required
An Officer is responsible managing the guild. This includes:
  • Interviewing and evaluating recruits
  • Mentoring and training new and existing members if required
  • Checking if members are ready for a raid (tactics, items, addons etc)
  • Studying raid logs to give feedback on trials and members, enhancing their performance


Current Treasurer: Sofuzz
The Treasurer has the sole responsibility for keeping the gbank tidy, making sure we have a steady influx of fish & herbs for raid buffs.


Members are the main raiding core of the guild. These members have priority over some loot and raid invites over lower ranks when we are doing progression raids. To become a member, you need to show exceptional performance and unparalleled attendance. Luckily for you we only raid twice a week so the latter part shouldn't be hard.


Alt toons of the ranks above. Alts should have gear comparable to the lower end of the rest of the guild. We don't bring alts to raids, unless asked specifically for a role.


Rank achieved upon entering the guild. Trials join raids for evaluation purposes and may be asked to improve some things about their game before promoted to Members. If they seem to be unresponsive to feedback they will be asked to leave the guild.

**This includes use of our communication channels Discord and Aphomail.**


Socials are friends and family of guild members with the rank of Member and above. Socials have no raiding expectations but are expected to wear their <Aphorism> tag as respectfully as any other member. That means they behave as other members of the guild, and have at least some reasonable skill in the game. Socials are allowed 1 alt in the guild.

There may be circumstances when socials may be allowed to raid and GM and Officers discretion and does not impact raid performance or synergy.


The main pathway of communication without the guild is our Aphomail, which is a gmail group system. In order to pass trial, everyone has to learn to use it. For voice communication we use Mumble.
At any time, suggestions are always welcome, and one should contact his superior to report them or any problems that may arise. This will make communication within the guild much easier to handle.