Sunday, October 1, 2006

Loot System

The EPGP system

EPGP in one sentence computes your priority of loot (PR) as the quotient of your effort (EP) to the gear received (GP). Put in a mathematical equation PR = EP/GP. For the details on how GP is computed and further details on EPGP (decay per raid, min EP) please read the EPGP documentation found on the EPGP website.

Decay is set at 7% and Base GP to 300.

EP awards

During any raids that happen during scheduled times there will be a recurring award of 1000 EP per 15 minutes per member.



Bonus EPs for exceptional performance will be awarded by raid leaders. These bonuses will not exceed 10k EPs.


If you are called for a replacement while on standby and you are found unavailable, 25k EPs will be deducted from you.

If you fail repeatedly on an encounter, you will be replaced from the raid if the standby bench permits it. In either case you will get a "yellow card" which means you are unable to get any loot for the rest of that raid id (until next reset).


If you are on standby you receive the same EP as the rest of the raid, excluding the bonuses. You can receive standby EPs by being in the raid or by whispering your name to the raid leader on every reward.

Farming items for the guild

Farming items for the guild or otherwise helping the guild outside raiding time. It will be awarded depending on the size of the job. This will be awarded as decided by the Guild Master.

GP for Items

Items are split in two categories:
  • 100% GP Items: items that benefit your pre-agreed and assigned Mainspec
  • 10% GP Items:
    • Sidegrade: same ilvl items that benefit your pre-agreed and assigned Mainspec
    • Offspec: items that do not benefit your Mainspec
    • Alt gear: items that benefit any of the specs of your Alt if that Alt if called upon to be in a raid
Given the different categories and subcategories above, priority will be considered in each of these in this order:
  1. Mainspec
  2. Sidegear
  3. Priority Offspec (these are pre-agreed priority offspecs that trump all other offspecs)
  4. Trial (trials are charged GP as if they are normal members)
  5. Offspec
  6. Alt/Social (socials are charged GP as if they are normal members but their priority band is same as Alts)
There are some interesting results from the above rules. For example, If you have higher PR than some other member but you need for Sidegear, the other member will receive the item. Similarly for all other combinations. You reserve the right to call a piece of Sidegear a Mainspec and be charged the full 100% GP price for it, irrespectively of your currently equipped item.

Mounts, bags, satchels and non-performance enhancing items

Items that are not enhancing your toon for raid performance are going to be rolled to the 10 most active members of the raid. This means if a /roll 10 results to N, the Nth member sorted by EP wins the item.

10-mans or raids that are not the current tier

Loot is Free For All. BoE items go in guild bank for sale. That said if you are a member and there is contention on an item, it is suggested to ask socials/alts to pass on it and leave it to their judgment to do so.