Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aphorism goes 10m

Aphorism has converted it's 25man raiding team into two 10man teams, as the carrot from raiding 25man simply isn't big enough any more. Back in TBC, the 25man raiding size was applauded for making it easier to manage a guild and raiding team, and the 10man raids in WotLK were a great alternative for casual raiders. But now the lines between 10man and 25man are blurry and the only noticeable difference is that 10man is simply less raider inside the raid instance.

From here on though, we expect a higher quality of raiding and compete for server firsts again and hopefully this is the change, that will again yield just that. And in the meanwhile we hope for blizzard to make 25man more attractive in the future, so that it doesn't die out completely.