Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2 Bosses 1 Raid. Mythic Anomoly & Trilliax Down.

The doors have been battered in and we're working through Mythic Nighthold, the Anomoly and Trilliax both died the other night*!  Who would think that if you do mechanics that bosses die.. =) 

Aphorism is really proud to have welcomed some old and new friends from the Sunstrider guild <Mythic>.  With both <Mythic> and <Aphorism> having recruitment and roster issues, we looked at a way forward to meet the new challenges in pve content and how we could create opportunities for both guilds taking into account both our long histories and rosters.

Our guilds share the same philosophy and ethos, mature, fun raids, progress, end-game pve content, and most importantly friends, people we choose to share our game time with.

Mythic was created back in the vanilla days of WoW, and it's had a long journey through Lightning’s Blade, Shattered Halls, and Sunstrider EU.  It's had a lot of players through the whole World of Warcraft journey, from Alliance to Horde and vise versa. 

We are very pleased to welcome <Mythic> as Aphozoids, and may we make more great Sunstrider history in the future!

*It was a bit vague after all of the Spectral Grog so I can't place what day it was.  Maybe a Thursday, no, we don't raid Thursdays, it was definitely a Wednesday or a Sunday.  I'm sure of that.  Pretty sure.  I suppose one could alt-tab, but that means more time in here and not getting a bad ass artifact skin from those challenges.  There's nothing else to do, not like I need billions of AP for artifact traits or anything.  Jeez, i'm rambling, that's nice coffee.   It was a Wednesday or Thursday.